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OMG I am so lateeee I know I know ヾ(×× ) ツ

This is just one very simple post for C88 July, the outfit are really simple ( ̄▽ ̄) though I really take a lot of time taking pictures. Out of 56 photos I finally be able to choose 3 lol. But the next post will accumulating a lotssssssssss of clothes, since I’m too late (´; _ ;`) I was too much in dreamy mood and make this post (●´∀`●) Wearing a white dress in a field of flower is always the image that can help me feel relax and happy(*^^*)

But anyway back to the main topic ♥♥ Fashion week is coming AND Hair Fair this Sunday!! omgggg so far I can’t wait because so far the Hair Fair is so much gorgeous!! D!va’s new hair I just have to have all of them!!  (´ ▽`).。o♡ Apart than that all other hairs are so so so so so fabulous! ✿♥‿♥✿ And the Fashion week uwaaa the next blog I will also include a Vincue’s outfit of the Fashion week, ice-cream like, colorful and so happy just to look at it (*´▽`*)



Credits and thanks to:


.。Skin:::::: AMITOMO – bunny_skin NO.MAKEUP
.。Hair::::::: “”D!va”” Hair “Ange” (Moon stone) (C88 July)
.。Dress:::::: (Milk Motion) Lace dress – XXS – white (C88 July)
.。Necklace:::::: (fd) Caterpi Home Necklace
.。Bracelet::::::: LaGyo_Axila Bangle TypeB (C88 July)
.。Pinwheel:::::: NEO** Summer Pinwheel – 9


Pose 1: Casual sit pose.

Pose 2: Label Motion – My Summer Ice Cream

Location: MiuMin



Pastel summer


Hi hi ~~ :”3

This will be the last post for TCF July because Collabor88 is open with soooo many beautiful things. As I said in the last post I tried to make this one in a more gentle style, with the TORO top and the beautiful Tokame ‘s cardigan (●´∀`●) but somewhat it still turn out to be more cheerful look than gentle lol ~ (◕﹏◕✿) I really love Tokame’s products, all in pastel colour, so pretty and gentle and girly ~~ (。≖‿≖。✿)

Also if you are looking for a very summerish look check out the Mag<3.B store, I just blog here some of their products but they sell the whole outfit from head to toes only with 190L$. Nice price and pretty look! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♡



Credits and thanks to:


.。Skin:::::: AMITOMO – bunny_skin NO.MAKEUP
.。Hair:::::::  [BURLEY]_Stasia_LBlonde01
.。Top::::::  Toro. Flower Stamp Cropped Tee (TCF July)
.。Skirt:::::: :pesca:tea-length skirt/coral/  (TCF July)
.。Shoes:::::: festival sandal
.。Bag ::::::  Beach festival colorfull bag
.。Bracelet:::::: *PEACH* my candy bracelet – leaf, cat, bosuck
.。Watch::::::: VCO – Leather Wristwatch02 (gold)
.。Headband::::::::  * VinCue ~ Zooly+Head+Band – Giraffe (MBAB)
.。Glasses:::::: Beach festival sunglasses emerald


.。Skin::::: <MARIKO> MOLLY_L05
.。Hair::::: Exile::Celebrity Skin Light Blondes
.。Top:::::: .Tokame. Lace Tube Top White (TCF July)
.。Cardigan:::::: .Tokame. Flowing Long Cardigan Babypink (XS) (TCF July)
.。Short:::::: *PEACH* Tik Tok Mini Short – lemon  (NEW)
.。Shoes:::::: :pesca:canvas sneaker/herringbone/blue
.。Headband::::::::  * VinCue ~ Zooly+Head+Band – Kitty (MBAB)
.。Knee tattoo:::::: NEO** Knee tattoo – band2-  Teeth (TCF July)


House and furnitures: *Ionic* (TCF July)

Pose: girls sit pose ball

Plushies: Attic Owl Bag (TCF July)



Gorgeous under the sun

banner 1

Hiiiii ~~

I can’t resist to blog about Maitreya in this post (´ε` )♡ I’m just so happy with all the sale and got a lot for myself :”3 Also I just loveeeee the new TORO top, at The Chapter Four. The texture are just too beautiful and it goes so well with the black leather Maitreya short.When I first saw it I thought I will blog it in a cheerful style like I always do, but when I try it on with Maitreya it really can goes so well with a more mature style ♥♥♥ That is just what I love about TORO x”3 In the next post I will blog another top of TORO too ~ but in a more gentle style (◕‿◕✿)

Also the shoes, my new love ♥♥♥ the texture and everything is prefect, you will also have so many different nails color and texture to choose (“⌒∇⌒”)


aghjjj copy

Credits and thanks to:


.。Skin:::::: AMITOMO – bunny_skin NO.MAKEUP
.。Hair:::::::  . Liquence . – F2 in Light Blonds (NEW!!!)
.。Dress:::::: Maitreya Dakota Dress * Graphic Print (SALE 50%)
.。Shoes:::::: (LaRoo) Sparta Pumps (black)
.。Wallet:::::: Maitreya Calgary Clutch * Couture (SALE 50%)
.。Bracelet Right:::::: A&Ana Jewellery Laura Bracelet gold  (TDRF)
.。Bracelet Left:::::: *PEACH* my candy bracelet – leaf, cat, bosuck
.。Watch::::::: VCO – Leather Wristwatch02 (gold)
.。Jacket::::::::  [SG*] 4Minute – Jacket/ Black
.。Ring:::::: A&Ana Jewellery Laura Ring gold (TDRF)
.。Pose:::::: .[ pose+ivity ]. Glam4


.。Skin::::: blair_skin NO.MAKEUP
.。Hair::::: [[taketomi]_Kurumi_LBlonde01 (TCF July)
.。Top:::::: Toro. Red Striped Cropped Tee (TCF July)
.。Bottom:::::: Maitreya Mini Skirt * Dark Leather Black (SALE 50%)
.。Earrings:::::: A&Ana Jewellery Laura Earrings gold  (TDRF)
.。Necklace:::::: A&Ana Jewellery Laura Necklace gold (TDRF)
.。Bag::::::: Maitreya Leather Satchel * Beaver (SALE 50%)
.。Stockings:::::: Q – like a sir tights
.。Shoes:::::: [whatever] stripper boots
.。Bracelet:::::: ISON – aviary claw bracelet (gold)
.。Hat:::::: -ATTIC- Batik 5 Cap (TCF July)
.。Pose:::::::: ZZang CuterThanYou (TCF July)


Location 1: Petit pas

Location 2: Mayfair


Let’s go party girls ~~ ♡♡


Ellooo ~

The Chapter Four and Mes Brics a Bracs are coming the 4th and 5th this month ~~ Aren’t you excited? O(≧▽≦)O So far those 2 are my favorite events, I mostly get all my cute stuffs there ^▽^♡ Also I am in love with Lunaricon’s stockings, the colors are sooooo cute and guess what? It will come in gatcha at the Chapter Four with very cute puffy slippers too! (ノ´▽`)ノ♪ 21 slippers and 21 stockings for you to choose with 7 colors (black, pink, yellow, violet, blue, green, white) and 3 different really cute decorations.

Also if you come to The Dressing Room Fusion now you will find accessories, skin and clothes with great price (mostly from 40-70L$) before Mes brics a bracs start ♥♥

And last but not least, Maitreya is on sale until July 17, everything 50-70% off! Everything! Hair, clothes, shoes … (*≧▽≦)ノシ))  Go on and take your chance!! (⌒▽⌒)

Untitled-1 copy

Credits and thanks to:


.。Skin:::::: AMITOMO – bunny_skin NO.MAKEUP
.。Hair:::::::  [BURLEY]_Bella_LBlonde01
.。Hair accessories:::::: *BOOM* Tiare (left ear) (white/yellow) (Summerfest’13)
.。Top:::::: FLUORESCENT [Oversized Tank – Fluorescent] (The Box)
.。Shirt:::::: (CM) Bounty Jean Skirt (Light Blue) (Fameshed July)
.。Bracelet Right:::::: A&Ana Jewellery Laura Bracelet gold  (TDRF)
.。Bracelet Left:::::: *PEACH* my candy bracelet – leaf, cat, bosuck
.。Watch:::::: VCO – Leather Wristwatch02 (gold)
.。Stocking:::::: // LUNARICON // – Aliens (Blue) (COMING SOON @ TCF)
.。Shoes:::::: : ) BCC . Emma Apple flat shoes Navy
.。Ring:::::: A&Ana Jewellery Laura Ring gold (TDRF)


.。Skin::::: blair_skin NO.MAKEUP
.。Hair::::: [BURLEY]_Nelly_LBlonde01
.。Top:::::: Emery – Top Peace Black (Fameshed July)
.。Bottom:::::: *PEACH* Vintage Denim Overall – greycross
.。Earrings:::::: [ glow ] studio BOOM earrings (gold)  (TDRF)
.。Necklace:::::: [ glow ] studio BOOM necklace (gold) (TDRF)
.。Wallet:::::: *PEACH* Indie Print Clutch – skull
.。Stockings:::::: // LUNARICON // – Aliens (Black)  (COMING SOON @ TCF)
.。Shoes:::::: (fd) Bossy Boots – Wingtip Teal
.。Bracelet:::::: *MM* Rainbow Rave Bracelets


Pose 1: *coucou* Flower — Pose 2: ::KM:: Pose – Walk with me f

Location: ++HY’s PARK++


Lazy days Of Summer

Snapshot_002 copy

Hiiii ~

This will the the last post for June’s products. Yes in fact I am late *blushes* Been really busy recently, I had the photos but never seem to have chance to edit them but I promise to update the July’s product soon. In fact the Box and Fameshed is all ready, I’ve been impatiently waiting for TCF July with all the cute stuffs ~~ (★^O^★) So cuz it’s late I will make it quick: Magika is 50% off, take your chance (≧▽≦) And by Miel is having the beautiful 50L$ dress, you can change color for each part and it looks great for summer, the textures are just beautiful.



Credits and thanks to:


.。Skin:::::: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Skin of the Sunday20
.。Hair:::::::  Magika [Hair M] Please (50% off)
.。Hair accessories:::::: Magika [Rigged] Kitty Wire Headband
.。Top:::::: Tee*fy Basic Knot T-Shirt White
.。Bottom:::::: Frankie. Polkadot Shorts  Light (Limited)
.。Bag:::::: MG – Purse – Denim Daisy – Shoulder R (Limited)
.。Shoes:::::: *CASHMERE*Vintage Taylor Platform(jean) (Limited)
.。Necklace:::::: MG – Necklace – Jewelled Denim Heart (Limited)


.。Skin:::::: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Cat01(Salmon)
.。Hair::::: (Milana) Dunne [roots] – Light Browns
.。Face tattoo:::::: jari tattoo
.。Knee tattoo:::::: MAKAROONG ! 🙂 Brain ZZIRIT tattoo SET – White
.。Hat:::::: {Sleepy Eddy} Adventure Hat (Indigo)
.。Dress:::::: ”{ RoA }” -(Gacha)”Charmant” Dress(Denim/DK)
.。Collar:::::: [LWL] Collar (Lemonade)
.。Ring:::::: Shakeup! Fabric-Flower Ring [Tiedye]
.。Shoes:::::: ::C’est la vie !:: studs flat shoes(denim light blue)/mesh (Limited)


.。Skin:::::: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Pink Gem (70L$ TDRF)
.。Hair::::: tram  A811 hair (Free- Group gift)
.。Face tattoo:::::: ari tattoo
.。Shoes:::::: ::{u.f.o]::Margiella cutting sneakers  – skyblue
.。Knee tattoos:::::: NEO** Knee tattoo -Robot Feels – HAPPY
.。Hair accessories:::::: VCO – Bonny Bunny Band (RARE1) (MBAB gatcha)
.。Dress:::::: MIEL NAUTICA DRESS (50L$ Friday)
.。Necklace:::::: [DAISO] my glasses fixed by grandpa – Toy 2
.。Wallet:::::: Lark – Coin Purse Necklace (GALA#1 Gatcha)
.。Bracelet:::::: *MM* Rainbow Rave Band


Snapshot_032 copy

School’s out!

sgfgdfdh copy

Hiiii hiii~~!! ♥

Sorry for this super late post ~~~ m(_ _)m I will be pretty slow from now until the end of July  (×_×;)but I will try to keep 1 post per week so don’t forget meee ~ hehe :”3 Those outfits are really simple compare to the other posts though, I was in a hurry *blushes*

Small town of Green has a big change for summer! All those pictures are taken there ♥♥♥ the whole sim is soooo cutely decorated! Here is the Landmark. Check it out if you didn’t ~ (⌒▽⌒)Also from this post I will include for each product I’m wearing the slurl to the store inworld store or marketplace store so it can be more helpful to you(^v^) If you want to check them out quickly please click on the colored words before or after the products’ names, a taxi will be sent to you to ~ ♡

Have fun shopping and enjoy summerrr ~~~!! o(≧∇≦o) ♥♥♥


xhjdjdk_001 copy

Credits and thanks to:


.。Hair:::::: TRUTH HAIR Bobbie – Reds03Fade
.。Mesh hand:::::::  Slink Mesh Hand Casual
.。Bikini:::::: ::{u.f.o}::puripuri bikini -teal
.。Bracelet:::::::  *MM* Rainbow Rave Bracelets
.。Pose picture 1:::::: Avande – Clique


.。Hair:::::: TRUTH HAIR Candy – LightBlondes01Fade
.。Flower::::: *BOOM* Tiare Crown (white/yellow) (Summerfest’13)
.。Mesh hand:::::: Slink Mesh Hand Splayed
.。Necklace:::::: (fd) Caterpi Home Necklace
.。Bikini:::::: Baiastice_3D Flowers bikini-ghost (Summerfest’13)
.。Bottom:::::: (fd) Overalls – Faded (C88)
.。Pose picture 2:::::: ~The Secret Hideout~ -Lift Me! pose set


swgdfhah_001 copy

~ Wingardium

Banner potion 2

So yes, a post about magic potions and candies 😛

The title is the name of the store that sell those 〜(^∇^〜) As I said in the last post I really enjoy Emma’s magic items so I decided to blog about it (‘∀’●)♥ It does make my role-play in Mischief Managed really fun, also if you are a fan of Hogwarts you  will definitely just love it!  (o´ω`o) So click here for the taxi to the store in Mischief Managed landing point.

The store is pretty new so it has candies, potions and powders. The great thing about them is really the whole mesh product plus the scripts, animations and really smooth particles.



This is the list of potions available to buy. Each one has a original drinking fun animations and particles, also when you drink it, a role play line about the effect of the potion will appear on public chat. So it is really fun to play with it and make pranks (●´∀`●)



This one is the tooth candies. They has holding animation if you attach the box and also by clicking on it a candy will be sent to your inventory. Wear the candy and smoke of different color will come out from your ears (You can see the effect of tooth candy in the photo below)

Those are really fun to have (^∇^) either for role play or just for fun. Also the store will definitely be bigger as Emma (emmanuel.pearl) seems to start working on lots of great project so hehe, I am impatient :”)