Flower and Fish



The title is weird but I can’t help myself (@^▽^@)ノ ♥♥ I didn’t edit the pictures much, still getting use with my new graphic tablet. I was been busy this week so my blog is not updated at all but I am back now ~~ (●´∀`●) Must have to hurry up catch up with all the new products, especially the ones in Collabor88 is just too cute (≧∇≦) This post is dedicated to clean my inventory before move on to Collabor88 for the next post and with the new magic powders from Emma. She is making a new store for magic funny stuffs and I just love her products!

I will attach the landmark to her temporary store also blog her new products in the next post. Also I intend to make a Locations list in my blog also :”3 I see lots of bloggers do to save amazing landscape sims so yup why not (´ω`) there are lots of locations I wanna share. For this post location, here is the landmark 🙂



Credits and thanks to:


.。Hair:::::: [Due] Fay 01 – two tone 2
.。Hat:::::::  🙂 BCC.sui hat knit dot pink
.。Top:::::: ::C’est la vie !:: Pocket tank(thermal peach)mesh
.。Skirt:::::: SOUP lace mini /white
.。Shoes:::::: :NuDoLu: Ballerine de couleur Ikat rose
.。Bracelet:::::: :NuDoLu: Bracelet elastique Tricolore
.。Knee tattoo:::::: NEO** knee tattoo – band – panda
.。Bag:::::: ::C’est la vie!:: Tea-pot-bag(denim+lace)mesh
.。Juice:::::: VCO – Cocktail Pack (Lemonade)


.。Hair::::::[Due] Anna – Light blond 2
.。Hat::::: VCO – sweety girl hat (blue check)
.。Head accessory:::::: .Olive. the Grandma’s Treasures – Billy the Fish Hat (Attach)
.。Knee tattoos:::::: NEO** knee tattoo – band – water melon
.。Top:::::: ::C’est la vie !:: Back ribbon tops(border marine)mesh
.。Short:::::: (Milk Motion) vintage denim shorts
.。Necklace:::::: [DAISO] my glasses fixed by grandpa – Toy 4
.。Shoes:::::: *Tentacio* Kawaii sneakers red
.。Gun:::::: *MishMish* Squirt Gun – Fish Orange
.。Knee tattoo:::::: NEO** Knee tattoo -Robot Feels – SICK




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