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Banner potion 2

So yes, a post about magic potions and candies 😛

The title is the name of the store that sell those 〜(^∇^〜) As I said in the last post I really enjoy Emma’s magic items so I decided to blog about it (‘∀’●)♥ It does make my role-play in Mischief Managed really fun, also if you are a fan of Hogwarts you  will definitely just love it!  (o´ω`o) So click here for the taxi to the store in Mischief Managed landing point.

The store is pretty new so it has candies, potions and powders. The great thing about them is really the whole mesh product plus the scripts, animations and really smooth particles.



This is the list of potions available to buy. Each one has a original drinking fun animations and particles, also when you drink it, a role play line about the effect of the potion will appear on public chat. So it is really fun to play with it and make pranks (●´∀`●)



This one is the tooth candies. They has holding animation if you attach the box and also by clicking on it a candy will be sent to your inventory. Wear the candy and smoke of different color will come out from your ears (You can see the effect of tooth candy in the photo below)

Those are really fun to have (^∇^) either for role play or just for fun. Also the store will definitely be bigger as Emma (emmanuel.pearl) seems to start working on lots of great project so hehe, I am impatient :”)




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